Hybar Media Sets the Bar in List Brokering and Management.

With Hybar Media as your list provider, you will generate additional revenue for your business through our tested and proven database brokerage system. We specialize in compiling, accumulating, disseminating, and analyzing consumer related information and brokering the lists into profit for you. Since we have over 25 years of combined experience in list brokerage, you can be assured that our methods will bring you the highest amount of revenue possible for your marketing campaign.
By operating together as a team, we are able to find a list that will work for you. The system is fairly simple. As our new customer, we will start the process by collecting information about your marketing program. Then we will find, compile, and/or create a list that works best for you and your program based upon our experience in working with other customers over the years and knowing what will work best based on the campaigns that we have successfully provided lists for. After buying your first list from Hybar Media you will start to see your sales increase immediately. Unlike most other list providers, one of the best aspects of this process is that if for some reason what we provide you does not work, we will stick with you and work with you until we find a list or create a new one that does work.