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There are several forms of media lists available to access your target customers.  The lists we provide are direct mail, e-mail, and telemarketing.  Although direct mail and e-mail have lower response rates of contact than telemarketing, they can still be effective with the correct information.

Direct Mail

Direct mail lists are typically produced in a form of a spreadsheet data file.  These spreadsheet files are utilized with computer mail merge software to complete their mailing objective.  Services such as peel and stick labels are available for an additional charge.  To best utilize the direct mail feature, please select the demographics, such as zip code, age, gender, and any other unique requirements specific for your customized mailing list.

E-mail Lists

Known as “opt-in,” and “opt-out,” e-mail marketing is an excellent way to increase sales, due to the prevalence of the internet.  This feature will help build your electronic customer base, increase your internet marketing image, and provide a new avenue for relationships via instantaneous electronic communications.  These e-mail lists are generated from websites where potential customers have filled out forms requesting information for various services.  E-mail lists are transmitted by the list owner; certain restrictions apply.

Telemarketing Leads

These database lists are used for contact by telephone with future customers.  As with other media, geographics and demographics are both very important in customizing information to meet your exact requirements, inorder to reach the most relevant customers.  Generally, a telephone script is necessary prior to ordering a telemarketing database.

General Information

It is best to realize that while seeking for information about a commercial/industrial list or consumer list, the more information you can provide about the profile of your prospective customer, the higher the quality of your final product.

Data Cards

-Sweepstakes Leads

-Business Leads

-Magazine Leads

-Auto Decline Leads

-Credit Repair Leads