World Travelers Leads

This file contains 6,133,996 travel related individuals and companies compiled from more than twenty directory sources and public and private records.

Available Selects:

Telephone Numbers
Executive Name
Size of Firm
Business/Consumer Traveler

Category Selects:

Associations Sponsoring Conventions                49,749
Business Travelers                                        572,913
Chamber of Commerce                                     6,797
Consumer Frequent Travelers                           793,428
Convention Facilities, Conference
Centers and Services                                 6,587
Convention Sponsors / Holders                          61,224
Corporate Travel Buyers                                51,360
Meeting & Convention Planners                      28,724
Passenger Transport Companies &
Executives                                              17,095
Timeshare Owners ($85/M)                              737,142
Tour Operators                                              5,871
Tourist Bureaus                                             1,846
Trade Show Exhibitors                                  72,021
Travel Agents                                              47,206
Vacationers                                             3,781,955


Cruise Passengers ($100/M)                         357,000
Travel Information Inquiries ($60/M)           360,000
Caribbean Vacationers ($65/M)                      240,000
Airline Vacationers ($65/M)                        216,000
Automobile Travelers ($60/M)                       771,000
Ski Magazine Subscribers ($90/M)                   327,000
Group Tour Inquiries ($60/M)                       141,000
Florida Vacationers ($50/M)                        225,000
International Travelers ($100/M)                   286,000
Fitness Vacationers ($80/M)                         26,000


Base                                         $140/M

Additional Selections

Telephone Numbers                        $10/M
Gender                                    $5/M
Geography                                 $5/M
Executive Name                            $5/M
Size of Firm                              $5/M
Category                                  $5/M
Business/Consumer Travelers              $25/M
Title Addressing                          $3/M
Bar Coding                                $7/M
Key Coding                                $3/M
Split Charge                              $5/M    ($25 Min)
Merge Charge                              $5/M    ($25 Min)
Dup. Copies (Each)                       $25/M    ($75 Min)
Spec. Proc. (Rush)                       $10/M    ($50 Min)


P.S. Labels                         $15/M
Disk (Unlimited Use)               $50/F
3X5 Cards (Unlimited Use)          $25/M
Sheet List                        $25/M
E-mail transfer                    $30/F


UPS/Fed Express 2-Day              $15
UPS Overnight                      $30
Fed Express Overnight              $40
Wire Transfer    $10


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