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There are several types of media lists available to reach your target customers. These lists are mail, electronic mail (email) and telemarketing (telephone contact). Direct mail (postal services) and email (electronic mail) have the lowest response rate of contact media. Telephone contact provides a larger number of responses. Media lists can be customized to your individual requirements. By limiting or selecting the geographical areas, age and gender, and additional details, a media list maybe compiled that produces more sales results than random selections.

Direct Mail

Direct mail lists are usually furnished in a spreadsheet type data file. These spreadsheet files are used with the customer’s mail merge software to complete their mailing piece. Services such as peel and stick (P & S) labels are available for an extra charge.
Please select the demographics such as, geographic area (zip codes) age, gender, and unique specifics for your customized mailing list’s data.

E-mail Lists

Known as “Opt-in” and “Opt-out”, email marketing is an excellent way to increase sales. This will help build your electronic customer base, increase your internet marketing image and provide a relationship via electronic communications. These lists are generated from websites where potential customers have filed in forms requesting information. Email lists are transmitted by the list owner and certain restrictions apply.

Telemarketing Lists

These database lists are for telephone contact with future customers. As with other media, geographics and demographics are both very important in customizing the information to meet your exact requirements. Generally a telephone script is necessary prior to ordering a telemarketing database.

General Information

When seeking information for a commercial/industrial list or a consumer list, the more information you can provide about the profile of your prospective customer, the higher the quality of the final media product will be.


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